My Fave 5 Halloween Makeup Looks For 2016

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year to dress up and scare your fiends – sorry friends! Here is my top 5 makeup looks for this year to make you stand out at your Halloween party:

Be daring and devilish with this red hot look – start with orange tones around the eyes, thick lashings of eyeliner (remember to run this along the inner eyelid) and finish off with some thick luscious false lashes to add some oomph to your eyes. Next, contour underneath your cheekbones using black liner and heavy orange blusher and bronzer –┬áblend in for the shadow effect. Add lashings of glossy orange lipstick and you are all set!

For this look you’ll need a orange lipstick and eye shadow with a good strong pigment. Dab this around the eyes and smudge in, blending with a blusher brush almost to create a smokey effect. Add extra effect to the outer corners of the eye and add black shadow at the corners and blend in for extra smokiness. Outline the eyes with thick eyeliner and draw some vein-like lines angling downwards. Next, contour the cheekbones with black shadow – don’t go too heavy just enough for subtle coverage. Pump up the colour on your lips with a thick glossy blood red lipstick. We’re going to add some more gruesome effects next with neck wound – this is easy to apply just create a large smudge with the lipstick you used under the eyes and blend outwards in a circling motion. Add two black dots for deep bitemarks from a vampire. Now, take a tube of fake blood and using a small tipped brush, draw lines downwards from the corner of the lips for a dribbling effect and also the bitemarks on the neck. You’re now ready to be a gruesome vampiress!

This effect is guaranteed to have heads turning at your Halloween outfit this year! Creating a double vision of your face will have people confused and bewildered! You’ll need a light black kohl eyepencil, liquid eyeliner, mirror and a steady hand. First lightly outline your eyebrows and eye shape, your ‘second’ eye should be at either side of your nose, and eyebrows just above – keeping in proportion with your actual eyes. Next use your liquid eyeliner and draw on your eyeliner effect to your false eyes as you would on your own eyes. Lightly infill the false eyes with a white eyeliner as eyeballs. Using your brow liner, infill the false brows – keep it light and add colour. Use a liquid liner to add brush stokes for brows. For natural undereye colouring, add some brown shading carefully dabbing in the inner corners. Take a eyeliner next that is as close to your own eye colour as possible together with a black liner and draw in your pupils. Dab some white liquid liner in the pupils for a light effect bouncing off the eye colour. The next step is to add some lashes – simply do this with your liquid liner in slow strokes. For the final stages add some 3D effects with a light brown eyebrow pencil to draw on a false nose just above your own nose – pay attention to the bridge of your nose. Lastly outline lips on your chin using the same lip colour as your own.

For a devilshly scary face this year try this duo face technique. Follow each step slowly – there is a lot of emphasis on blending and shadowing with this look so add each brush stroke carefully. Start with a clean face, and prepare all the brushes and make you’ll need before starting. Make sure you define the black shadowing and around the eyes, nose and mouth carefully for that extra special effect. The stippling brush will be your best friend to create this look. For the pulled up face layers of skin, this all created using 3D lines and shadowing – no Plasticine required! Draw in shadows using various weights of brown eye pencil – your going to follow this down across the face. For the ultimate finish – add a clear contact lens to the left eye to extra drama.



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