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Indispensable accessories for your wardrobe

Although we can have a tendency to overlook them, accessories are such an important part of our fashion sensibilities, and it is thanks to them that we can personalise popular trends and change up every day looks. And since they are pretty space saving and with plenty of purse-friendly options out there, the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to accessories.

But before you start raiding every accessories collection you can find online, just like with fashion, it is a good idea to be discerning when it comes to picking out what would suit your style. Sure it is fun to play around with a new look, but ultimately you also do need some accessories that you can trust to bring out season after season. Not sure what you should be investing in when it comes to accessories? Here are our top recommendations.

A watch

Admittedly nobody really truly needs a watch anymore since we all have mobile phones constantly on us, but they do look so smart and are ideal for when you want to accessorise but without being ostentatious. And happily, no matter what your own personal style, there will be a timepiece that’ll complement it perfectly.

For a watch that will age well, choose a metal number with either a large traditional face, or a quirkily retro digital display. And from there it is easy to decide whether you want it to be a blinged out number with jewels and two-tone effects, or a more subtle affair. Don’t be afraid of splashing out a little, since a good watch can be seen as an investment.

Silk scarf

We’ve already mentioned here how a neck-scarf can be a wonderfully simple way to glam up an outfit a little, and it doesn’t matter what sort of style you like to emulate, a silk scarf can be the cherry on top to complete it.

And especially if you tend to keep your look pared back and minimal, a silk scarf is the perfect way to add a pop of colour or an interesting motif. You don’t always have to wear it as a neck-scarf either – try it tied insouciantly around the strap of your handbag or as a cool cuff on your wrist.

Clutch bag with chain

For all of those little lunch dates, nights out and big occasions like weddings and evening parties, a small yet practical clutch is an absolute necessity. Large enough for your keys, credit cards, phone and perhaps some lipstick, the whole point of a clutch is that you won’t be weighed down.

To make it as versatile as possible though, we suggest looking out for one that also features a chain strap. This transforms the clutch perfectly into a more daytime appropriate bag, with the strap easily and neatly tucked away or detached when you want a more sophisticated evening look. With a design like this, you’ll be able to get double the use from your clutch.

Chandelier earrings

They are always popping in and out of fashion, and a pair of bedazzled chandelier earrings are one of the easiest ways to add an instant wow factor to an evening look. The right pair should be big, ostentatious and pretty much half-way down your neck.

To choose a pair that’ll look good no matter the current style trends, opt for white diamonds set in gold or silver – remember, it doesn’t have to be the real thing but do invest in good quality costume jewellery if possible. And as for the shape, the traditional chandelier style of the 1920s is just perfect.


A good pair of sunnies should always be near to hand, and as celebrities know all too well, they add a touch of mystery and glamour to your look with near minimal effort. So channel your inner Holly Golightly with a pair of sunglasses that’ll make you look and feel fantastic.

The sunglass shapes that are in vogue do tend to fluctuate to the whims of the fashion world, so we recommend prioritising the purchase of a pair that most flatter the shape of your face since inevitably they’ll be in fashion again in one way or another. And once you’ve picked out the shape for you, again invest in a good pair, and don’t forget to make sure they feature UV protection.

You don’t need to jam-pack your wardrobe full of accessories that’ll likely end up at the back of a drawer. Instead focus on buying good quality pieces that’ll complement your look and make you feel fantastic. Department stores are a wonderful place to get all of these accessories from big name brands that’ll always be fashion, and if like us you enjoy snapping up the odd bargain or two, then we suggest checking out Debenhams. It is always so convenient to shop everything in the one place, and since there are plenty of brands to suit all tastes and budgets, when it comes to accessory shopping, it is a good starting point.

So don’t overlook your accessories, and instead make sure that you really invest in some timeless pieces that’ll help to instantly revitalise any outfit.

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