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Having fallen out of vogue for a number of years, in the last few winter seasons we have seen a return in a big way to Nordic knits. From Fair Isle, to Scandinavian to Icelandic motifs, nowadays they are absolutely everywhere, and since they are so cosy and classic ones, we couldn’t be happier!

Since of course Nordic knits have a history spanning centuries, as you can imagine there are a huge number of different motifs and motifs and designs to choose from, which is ideal for keeping your style your own. Here are a few of our favourite pieces to wear that feature motifs inspired by Nordic knitting traditions.


Well this one is obvious of course since it is one of the most typical way to inject a little bit of Nordic style into your look. And the wonderful thing is that you can be as ostentatious or as subtle as you like. If you prefer a more elegant style, then choose a fine knit Fair Isle in just 2 colours with perhaps detailing just around the yoke (basically the top of sleeves and from the chest up). Whereas if you love colours and bold patterns, go for an all over design that is really eye-catching.

Although there are some great budget Nordic style jumpers out there, consider spending a little more on something that is made from more natural fibres and that will last years. Remember the traditional sweaters would have taken a lot of effort to make and would have been made to stand the test of time.


Hats, Mittens & Socks

Hats, mittens and socks are of course another really traditional way to wear Nordic designs, and with any luck you should be able to pick up some that are handmade. Scour charity shops, craft fairs and sites like Etsy to find homemade versions that will look amazing. Alternatively if you love learning new things why not give making your own a go? Once you get the hang of Fair Isle knitting you’ll never look back! Or perhaps you know somebody that’s handy with a pair of knitting needles – a few hints in the right direction and you could be enjoying a beautiful handmade gift this season.

Printed Fair Isle

It doesn’t always have to be traditional knits that we turn to when we’re looking for that Nordic look. Thanks to modern printing techniques you can find things like leggings, phone cases, laptop covers, even nail stamping plates that will help give that effect you’re looking for. Particularly as we start to head towards Christmas time, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to find these types of items so keep a look out both when you’re hitting the shops and shopping on line.

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Stay cosy, stylish and warm with a bit of Nordic style this winter and know you’ll be able to enjoy wearing it for many seasons to come.

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