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It’s all about texture!

 At the moment, the world of fashion is having a big love affair with texture and what could be more fitting for this time of the year than layering it up with a whole range of luxurious fabrics?!

We love mixing it up with our styles and while we do enjoy the fairy light fabrics that feature prominently during the summer months, there is something so undeniably comforting about throwing on those layers. This season in particular is having a huge moment with mixing together different textures from the dressing up box and since it ultimately results in us being cosier than ever, we wish this look was around every autumn-winter! If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to texturizing your style, here are some of the biggest fabrics to look out for.


Forget your grannies old curtains and chintz furniture, brocade has had a seriously sexy makeover. In rich colours, this textile gives an air of luxury wherever it goes, but do remember a little goes a long way to avoid looking like a period piece. Think chic little ankle boots with a block heel, clutches, and bolero jackets. With the right touch of brocade, your look will appear high end and eye-catching without being garish.


There is simply no escaping velvet this season, but why would you even want to?! Soft as silk yet cosier you can either choose between the shiningly sumptuous normal satin velvet or the funkier crushed version. We personally find that deeper colours bring out the best in velvet; divine jewel shades, blacks, navies, browns – these all lend themselves to velvet perfectly. There is something about a velvet dress that we love especially as the party season approaches, but equally a velvet fitted dinner jacket will look stunning too.


There is something about chenille that’s just a tad retro but we love it nonetheless! This season it is popping up all over the high street so it’s time to jump on board. Pretty much the only sane way to wear chenille is with a cosy jumper or cardigan and since we love a bit of knitwear at this time of the year, it’s an easy trend to try out. Plus it is a pretty practical one since chenille doesn’t bobble and is machine washable too!

Ripped denim

Perhaps one of the least practical trends to slip through on the back of textured styles is ripped denim which is a hangover from the summer. While it is a great way for showing off a tan when the weather is that little bit warmer, at this time of the year team your holier-than-thou jeans with some cool patterned tights for a look that looks really cool without you feeling the chill. Have some fun playing around with texture this season – you might just be surprised at some of the great looks you can create!

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