What to wear at Disneyland

It could be your first or fiftieth visit to Disneyland but Minnie Mouse ears will always be a compulsory purchase for any female no matter what age you are. They were the first thing I bought on my first visit! Just wearing them makes you feel giddy and swept away into Disney-mania. Minnie was of course my favourite Disney character as a child, I couldn’t wait to meet her and get my picture taken with our matching ears.

If you’re like me and like to feel relaxed and comfy but still on-trend with fashion then you’ll understand how hard it is to pick outfit for a day at a theme park! I wanted to look stylish and opted for a cool layer for the 31c heat by picking up a leopard print cami-dress teamed with a short sleeve back tee (in case of those downpours!) and for comfort my trusty black converse. My hair was tied up into two buns for that Minnie Mouse ear-look, partnered with leopard sunglasses and a black leather backpack. No one want’s a sweaty face while waiting on the rollercoaster queues so I kept make-up light and simple, but applied a coral pink lipgloss to finish off my look for the day.

For a fun and sassy trip to Disney why not go-glam and dress up like the most famous lady in downtown Disney, Minnie Mouse. We don’t mean a little black dress and skyscraper heels – just cute and stylish. Search for a A-line skater skirt like Minnie’s in her trademark red or pink colour. A short sleeved patterned top to set off the colour tones in the skirt will match perfectly. You’ll be walking for miles around the theme park so go for comfort with some trendy black pumps. The ultimate accessory of course is to pick up a pair of the obligatory mouse ears and red bow to finish your outfit.

High-end fashionistas will love dressing up to meet Mickey and maybe even steal a kiss. For all out glamour these Stella McCartney black pencil trousers have a sheer panel running down the side with a few subtle polka-dots. Partnered with a Benoit Missolin blouse also with a sheer panel down each arm, the top accentuates any figure with a flared dipped hem. Finally for a high-gloss and sleek look a pair of Chanel courts with mono colours to complete a mouse-worthy nigh-tout look.

We went to Disneyland for my friends 30th birthday a few months ago. After spending weeks discussing and arguing over our dress-up theme we decided to each go as a Disney princess. I was so excited and quickly chose Ariel from my all time favourite movie, The Little Mermaid. I am a student so don’t have a lot of spare money to throw at Disney outfits, but with some hunting around eBay and local second hand stores I managed to pull-off the Little Mermaid. So how did I do it? I bought a semi-permanent home-dye kit at my local chemist to get the soft red tones in my hair to match Ariel’s, a lilac flared hem sleeveless top teamed with a statement gem necklace and luscious red lips and nails. The best item for my outfit was the aqua-green scale print leggings – not too fishy but enough like a mermaid for me to pull off. A box bag with gold chain and black pumps finished off my outfit for a great day!

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