3 Essential Ski Trip Items

Winter is well and truly upon us and for some people that means only one thing – it’s ski time! Whether it’s your first time on the slopes or you’re a seasoned professional, having the right clothing on a ski trip is essential, not only because ski resorts are filled with the world’s stylish, jet-setting youth but also because not having appropriate clothing when skiing is actually detrimental to your health.Last year I went on a ski holiday to France where I felt very unfashionable next to some of my fellow skiers. To avoid the same thing happening to others I’ve put together our top 3 picks of essential ski trip attire which are both stylish and practical.

  1. Ski Jackets

The single most important piece of clothing when skiing, having an adequate ski jacket to protect you from the Alpine elements is essential. There are hundreds of different ski jacket brands available ranging from budget to high-end designer brands. In the budget range, Decathlon’s ski range has an excellent selection of ski jackets at affordable prices. The midrange category for ski jackets is the most saturated. Generally speaking NorthFace and Dare2be are both renowned for their style as well as being great jackets. If you really want to impress on the slopes then you need to go all out when it comes to jackets. Canada Goose’s and Moncler’s are the most popular high-end brands, starting at £600 minimum. Regardless of the price, make sure that your chosen jacket is designed for colder conditions and is completely waterproof.

  1. Snow Boots

Snow boots are also an essential item when skiing. Not an important aspect of your home wardrobe, snow boots are not something you can avoid buying when it comes to skiing or you won’t be able to leave your hotel in the evenings. Trainers are not advisable for walking around snowy resorts as they are often slippery, not to mention, not really very fashionable in ski resorts. Timberland boots are making a comeback and are perfect for ski trips with thick soles and a sturdy structure, perfect for keeping you warm and on your feet while walking around ski resorts. Ugg also has a very stylish snow boots which they have realised this year. Lined with sheep’s wool, these boots will definitely keep your feet cosy while away.

  1. Eye Wear

Equally important as jackets and snow boots, having appropriate eyewear is an essential item which should not be forgotten about when skiing. You will need to have a good set of goggles and sunglasses which cater for all weather conditions.  I made the mistake of unintentionally buying a pair of sunglasses which were for sunny days and were completely useless in cloudy conditions and ended up paying a fortune to get a new set in Tignes. So, be sure to know which kind of goggles you have bought. There are a number of lenses which work in all conditions as well as some which come with interchangeable lenses.

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