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How I Get Lashes Looking Good

It’s coming up to party season and every girl wants big, fuller eyes for some extra drama and glamour to add to their Christmas dress. You might not have considered using false eyelashes in the past but they are really easy to apply and if used correctly, could last you three or even four uses. If you are too scared to buy a home kit (available from your local chemist or high street beauty and cosmetics store), visit a reputable salon to discuss the best look and type for you.

Ok, so for false lashes home kits, there are hundreds to choose from that are available on the market. For a night out you want to choose one that will add length, volume or thickness to your lashes. Look out for single use kits – opt for ones that will allow you to use them more than once to get value for money. Next step is to get dressed and apply your make-up – the lashes will the last thing you should do when getting ready.

Open up the kit, carefully read the instructions and lay out everything on a table preferably next to a mirror. Match the one strip of lashes against the length of your own eye lid. Chances are, they’ll be too long so just snip off the excess with some scissors. Next apply a thick layer of the kit glue to the long strip on the lashes. Take a pair of tweezers and gently lift one strip – match it above your own lashes and place down onto them, pushing in gently at each corner until the glue takes and sets. Try and stand still with your eye closed for a few minutes, then repeat the process on the other eye.

You should now have lovely lashes that you can flutter all night long. Its really easy to take them off, just gently pick up at one end and tease along until the false strip lifts and comes off. Finally, put everything back in the box for your next night out!

For the ultimate in drama, visit a beauty counter in your local department store or snag a deal from a local salon that does semi-permanent eyelashes. Brands such as MAC Cosmetics and Urban Decay specialise in unique looks using eyelashes – from butterfly ends to glitter effects and various colours of strands, anything is possible. Ranging from £25 this option isn’t cheap but depending on the overall look you want its definitely worth a one off treat.

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