Eyelash Advice: The Do’s & Don’ts

Love having perfectly good looking lashes on a night out? Hate having scruffy looking lashes first thing in the morning? Then follow my do’s & don’ts and learn to love your lashes.

Do: Brush your lashes daily

So you might brush your hair every day, but do your brushes your lashes with the same frequency? This sounds a little weird but after reading up on it it makes a lot of sense. Giving your own lashes a good rub every day help remove any dirt or makeup much more than simply closing your eyes in the shower for a few secs. The same also goes for your fake lashes you might keep lying about only until they’re needed.

Don’t: Get your lashes done and then wash

If you lick an envelope and then close it will glue shut. But if you take it over to a kettle that’s boiling and hold it by the steam, it will unfurl. The same goes for your nice and newly prepped lashes when you hop in the shower. Steam can reek havoc on freshly preened lashes so you might have to be a little dirty and wait at least 6 hours before having a wash. OH! And never go in a sauna either. You’re only asking for trouble.

Do: Get your lashes taken off professionally

You want and got eyelash extensions done a professional so it only makes sense to get them taken off the same way as well. Most of us will try and be gentle while we pick and pull at our fake lashes without trying to tear up (which always happens). You can end up leaving bits of glue stuck on your lash line that won’t come off no matter how hard you scrub. Instead, getting them down in a salon is easier and you’re lashes will get some TLC too.


Don’t: Sleep eye first

There are those of us who can easily fall asleep on a pillow face up, and other who have to burrow in there to get cosy. If you’re the latter, you’re going to be spending all night smooching your lashes to one side. Try not to fall asleep lash first to avoid those prone to switching direction causing you all kinds of grief when you wake up.

Do: Keep applying

Getting new lashes put on isn’t a one time deal. From the moment the adhesive settles, it is in a fight to stay on and not budge while you blink, rub and do all sorts. A regular application of your sealant will help keep your temporary lashes in much longer.

Don’t: Get the curler

Once you find yourself in the situation of using an eyelash curler almost every day then you’re not doing your lashes any favours. Continual use of the curler can cause clump, which can lead then to you having “sections” across your lid rather than a nice line of perfectly preened lashes.

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