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Go high or go home

Add some attitude to your footwear It’s a minefield out there looking for the perfect heels to match a outfit – you want on trend style that will set off your new dress, shoes that won’t require a loan and one’s that you will be able to stand in all night and walk home in… Read More Go high or go home


What to wear at Disneyland

It could be your first or fiftieth visit to Disneyland but Minnie Mouse ears will always be a compulsory purchase for any female no matter what age you are. They were the first thing I bought on my first visit! Just wearing them makes you feel giddy and swept away into Disney-mania.


My Autumn Must Haves

The autumn leaves may be falling off their branches but this doesn’t meant your look needs to fall by the wayside either. Keep on trend this autumn/winter ’16 with a large black tote – the definitive accessory for this season. Ideal for uni, work, or just popping out for a quick stock-up at Tesco, your shiny… Read More My Autumn Must Haves

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Prim and proper but never prissy

Although we are still having a fashion love affair with slouchy and deconstructed styles and not to mention slogans, a more refined and elegant look is creeping back onto our fashion radars too. With sleek silhouettes, dainty and feminine styles, looking ladylike is coming back into vogue.